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About the New Zealand Centre:

The first Alison Lawson Centre to open in New Zealand will open in Hawke’s Bay in February 2013. Tina Oliver has been personally trained by Alison Lawson and her daughter Maria to establish a centre in Hawke’s Bay.

Tina has almost ten years experience in tutoring children with learning difficulties, in particular helping those with Dyslexia and auditory processing.

Tina Oliva with Alison Lawson at the Training Clinic, Mossvale, NSW, Austraila

Tina Oliver with Alison Lawson at the Training Clinic, Mossvale, NSW, Austraila

Her empathy understanding and training all came about when her own son was diagnosed at the age of seven. After seeing many specialists and trying to get help and answers she did her own research, and has since trained in several methods all to try and help her son. When others saw what she was doing they asked if she could help with their children and her business grew. She always felt that there had to be more that she could do to help these kids.

In May 2012 Tina heard about the Alison Lawson Method, and after doing a lot of research her family travelled to Australia, and her son was treated at the Alison Lawson Centre Central Coast.

I was so impressed with the treatment when I heard my son starting to read fluently, he and I both knew it was worth it, the commitment and dedication he put into the remedial side of the work was amazing, he knew and could tell that he was improving with each treatment and we could see his self-esteem increasing day by day.” After leaving treatment six her son turned to Tina and thanked her for bringing him to do the treatment.

“I had been in contact with Alison and Maria prior to leaving NZ and we made the trip to Moss Vale to meet them all, I knew then that this was a very unique and special treatment and that I would love to be a part of it. I feel very privileged to be accepted to become the first therapist provider in NZ. My goal is to help as many other children and adults as possible to achieve their full potential with this treatment.”

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