Technical Description of Treatment

Technical Description of Treatment

Each eye is examined with a Visuscope initially to ensure that there is no pathological problem existing. If such a problem is detected, the patient should be referred to an ophthalmic surgeon.

A check is then made on the aiming point of each eye. There should be steady binocular fixation. However, if the fixation of one macula is very unsteady, treatment is needed.

AlisonLawsonCentreTreatmentForDyslexiaUsingTheLASDThe treatment consists of 10 x 1 hour sessions at the Alison Lawson Centre using the Lawson Anti-Suppression Device (LASD) machine. This can be completed within 10 weeks (once a week) or over a period of 5 weeks if preferred (2 sessions per week). The minimum time needed to complete the treatment is 2 weeks. Once started the treatment should not be interrupted and so should be completed within 10 weeks.

This deep central suppression of the visual cortex is effectively treated by the use of the LASD . With the LASD we can directly treat the area of the problem. The entire population of visual neurons in the visual cortex is activated by a range of 7 different spatial frequency grating discs. The eccentric or unsteady central macular fixation is treated by applying a pleoptic red filter in front of the affected eye, while the eye with the central macular fixation is patched.

The internal diffused lighting is even over all (no problem of reflected light images).

The patient views green/blue/black targets through the pleoptic red filter, and works with puzzles – words, maths, sequencing letters, numbers etc. and games. The macula is particularly sensitive to RED. Using the visuscope, when it is seen that the patient has a steady bi-macular fixation, the normal binocular reflexes may be trained.

Work is then continued on the machine with the full range of coloured targets, stimulating the full body of the cone receptor cells, progressing through all the discs to the finest, while the puzzles and tasks encourage higher intellectual stimulation.

The work in the centre is supported by structured home exercises which become progressively more challenging. The magnitude and rapidity of the visual recovery is such that a lasting result can be obtained after ten (10) treatments. These sessions are 1 hour duration. Finally the patient then has a higher standard of focusing than the average person. The visual acuity is 6/6 and 6/6 distance N6 and N6 near or better. Full binocular single vision at every level of gaze. Wide amplitude of dissociation between convergence and accommodation, which therefore, gives full control from the frontal lobe of the brain, so that this treatment will last throughout life. The client is discharged.

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