Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis and Treatment for Dyslexia/Learning Difficulties

Assessment of clients takes 1.5 hours and clearly identifies any irregular fixation of the eyes resulting in possible learning difficulties.

Ten one hour treatments are required: Using the Lawson Anti-Suppression Device (LASD), a machine invented and patented by Alison Lawson, a university trained orthoptist with 35 years experience in Australia and England. The LASD machine was first used in 1980, and in combination with a structured medical programme in full co-operation with patient and with parents/teachers if applicable, this treatment is a world first. No drugs, medication, coloured glasses, hypnosis are used.

Each of the ten treatments is 1 hour in duration and conducted in a one on one environment. Each of our clients receives personal care and attention to ensure the treatments success. Eye exercises and a series of written tasks must be conducted as part of the program to accompany the time spent on the LASD.