Programme Outline

Programme Outline

Step One
Initial Consultation and Assessment

Each eye is examined to ensure that there are no other underlying problems existing. If such a problem is detected, the patient will be referred to a specialist. Further examination and testing of each eye is then undertaken to determine if the fixation of one macula is very unsteady. If this unsteadiness is found treatment with the Lawson Anti Suppression Device (LASD) is recommended.

Step Two
LASD Treatment

LASD equipment used for treating visual dyslexiaThe treatment consists of 10 x 1 hour sessions at the Alison Lawson Centre using the LASD machine. This can be completed within 10 weeks (once a week) or over a period of 5 weeks if preferred (two sessions per week). The minimum time needed to complete the treatment is 2 weeks. Once started the treatment should not be interrupted and so should be completed within 10 weeks.

With the LASD we can directly treat the area of the problem. The patient works through a series of exercises including puzzles, words, maths, sequencing letters, numbers and games until the end of treatment.

Home Exercises The work in the centre is supported by structured home exercises which become progressively more challenging.

Step Three
Final Assessment

At the end of the 10th session a final assessment and report is completed and discussed.

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